Volkswagen Insurance Services has a range of traditional and innovative products, all of which have been designed to ensure that you and your vehicle get the best protection and service available when you need it.

Motor insurance

Our fully comprehensive motor insurance includes a guarantee that your vehicle will be repaired by trained technicians in approved repairers using only genuine parts to ensure your vehicle will be repaired to the same high standards as before.

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Extended Warranty

If you existing warranty is about to expire, or if you haven’t already got a warranty in place, we offer a range of products to ensure your peace of mind.


  • 12 months cover against the costs of repairing or replacing failed components on your vehicle
  • Two levels of cover – ‘All components’ and ‘Named components’
  • A choice of excess levels
  • Guaranteed use of an approved repairer and trained technicians
  • Repairs using only genuine parts

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Gap insurance

If your vehicle is written off as a result of an accident or theft, your motor insurer will settle your claim based on the market value of your vehicle. This could be substantially less than what you paid for it, leaving you to find the money to finance a new vehicle.

Additionally, where your vehicle has been financed, this can leave you paying for a vehicle that you can no longer use. Gap insurance can cover the difference between the settlement provided by your motor insurers and the amount you originally paid for your vehicle, the amount still owing to your finance company, or a combination of both.

To arrange Gap insurance visit your local retailer to discuss your requirements and set up your policy.

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Free accident and repair cover for three years.

Ensurance works alongside your existing comprehensive motor insurance policy, no matter who you are insured with, to help get your vehicle back on the road if it has been damaged in an accident. If the unexpected was to happen, a dedicated Claims Manager will look after your claim from start to finish.


  • Guaranteed use of an approved repairer and trained technicians
  • Repair using only genuine parts and paints
  • Receive a Repair Guarantee, which includes a two year warranty for genuine parts
  • Legal expenses cover to help recover any uninsured losses

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