Our digital future

Volkswagen Financial Services are actively harnessing new opportunities offered by digitalisation, as befits a globally leading mobility company. We're working hard on new software solutions, new business models and identifying early stage technology trends.

The newly formed Digital and Innovation unit aligns both digital and strategic activities where a start-up culture of dynamic innovation, delivers new products equally combined with a commercially successfull market delivery.

New concepts and ideas blended with customer insight means digital products and services are rapidly developed and deployed using the very latest agile methodologies on a 'fast-to-market' basis.

This new Unit focuses on the worldwide Volkswagen Group ROUTE2025 strategic pillars and manages our Digital Development in collaboration with the central Digital Unit located in Berlin, our Brands and the whole business enterprise.



Teams across the business and IT have been forged together to foster exchange of ideas, creativity and business acumen to accelerate development.

Programmers, data scientists, design thinking experts and cloud architects all work together as one.

This enables agile thinking,ensuring swift adjustment to both process and systems, matching changing customer expectations and needs.

Volkswagen Financial Services are also working in close collaboration with Universities, research institutions and leading edge technology partners - to deliver IT solutions involving big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, connectivity and the 'internet of things'.


Being 'Innovation-Driven' in digital, combines the competence and experience of a large company enterprise honed with the pragmatism and speed of a new digital start-up.

Our new Digital Unit is rapidly growing, as part of a global network of competence centres across the Volkswagen Group established to strengthen our in-house competence within the field of software solutions.

Core to our mission is to direct and drive major effort and align commerce and business to include novel concepts, as digitalisation and autonomous driving develops worldwide.

As leaders in this field Volkswagen Financial Services will help safeguard  innovation and leadership in the new digital era.